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Occupation Health Center Inside The Factory

We are focussing on rising our workers health through preventive and Promotional activity Health activities and programmes.In addition to it, we are also providing curative medical facility to workers and their dependents of STEP.

Occupational Health Centre is manned by certified activity health physicians and trained paramedical employees 24x7. we are providing edical services just in case of emergencies at intervals the mill premises and operate around the clock. The unit is well-equipped with all saving gadgets and medicines. It additionally provides ambulance service within the mill through its well-equipped ambulance co-ordination centre and trained ambulance staffs.

A safety risk could be a statistical concept representing the potential of AN accident occurring, thanks to unsafe operation and/or environment. within the operating context “SAFETY” is regarded as “free from danger” to the health injury and to properties.
Occupational Health is aimed at the promotion and maintenance of the very best degree of physical, mental and social well being of employees all told occupations. this is often done by ensuring that every one work-related hazards ar prevented and wherever they occur, managed.
Conduct regular work place inspections, Ensure prompt response to Occupational accidents, Provide technical support for all parties concerned in OHS, educational materials for campaigns and promotions, Scrutinisation and approval of building plans, Inspection of reported machinery failure, Investigation of reported accidents, Provide information regarding the regulations.

Doctor/Nursing,Ambulance and First Aid Drug Supplies

Doctor/Nursing Services

We are providing Doctor Services as per Company requirement like MBBS, AND AIFH Doctor


We also provide the Ambulance services 24/7 at your factory end


first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that is used , First aid Drugs we will get the order within 24 hrs we will make delivery at company door step , at any cost of values not in issues services, so quality is assured, We’re not for profit. By choosing correctly respond to various emergencies.

All OHS Equipment , and OHC Emergency Material AED Machine , and all Medicines and Surgical Item,like..
Adhesive tape, Elastic wrap bandages, Bandage strips and "butterfly" bandages in assorted sizes, Nonstick sterile bandages and roller gauze in assorted sizes, Eye shield or pad, Triangular bandage, Aluminum finger split, Duct tape, Petroleum jelly or other lubricant, Plastic bags, assorted sizes, Safety pins in assorted sizes. Etc……

General Health Checkup Services Along With Dr Fitness

It is a common knowledge that prevention is best than cure and early detection is half the battle won. At STEP Industrial Health Care, we've many health check Programs for early detection of diseases.

This helps to identify the medical problem early on and makes treatment and recovery faster. You, your doctor or our specialists will guide you on choosing the medical Advice to employee.

Checking your overall state of health before you start pounding the pavement may be a good start line in changing into a healthier you. It will help determine any factors which may touch your supposed fitness programme and highlight any potential health problems within the future.

Complete Haemogram, Lipid Profile, LFT, Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, FBS, PPBS, Urine Routine, Blood Grouping, ECG, Chest X-Ray, PFT, Audiometric, Papsmear for Women, General Physician Consultation, Surgical Consultation

FBS, PPBS, Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine, Lipid Profile, HBA1C, Microalbuminuria, Urine Routine, ECG, Doppler & Biothesiometry, Diabetologist Consultation

Target, reduce and eliminate health risks, Discover potential health problems, Promote wellness, Facilitate prompt, expert and compassionate treatment of injuries and diseases.

Pre-Employment Checkup

Pre employment Health check up organized centralized lab very nearer to your industries, we will take the medial test hand over within 24 Hrs we can analyze fit or unfit.

Safety is one of the most concerns of employers, however with a pre-employment medical checkup, employers will make sure that the candidates that they choose ar healthy and suited the work responsibilities they're going to take over. This truly makes it convenient and easier for the employers to avoid any unwanted situations at a later stage.

Pre employment health check up is crucial issue to work out the candidate's medical fitness for employment. we have a tendency to perceive the importance of health of worker for organization. Keeping this in mind we provide comprehensive health check for, factories, industries and all types of organizations.

The new candidate should be free from medical conditions that would lead to harming others (colleagues or customers), especially in health and safety sensitive jobs like driving, piloting, operating in automation etc.

A Pre employment health checkup establishes baseline health connected data against that the future health status of an worker may be compared. It identifies existing medical conditions, including lifestyle and contagious diseases that could get adversely affected by activity exposure.

The step industrial health care is Based on the Company Requirement conducted the Preodical-Health check up.

Periodical Health CheckUp-Factory

As per factories Act of india 1948. it's a Statutory Norm for every Industrial doctor to conduct periodic medical checkup for all written agreement and permanent employees. Our health care services caters to all or any varieties corporations and factories. we provide exclusive benefits with our company health check up packages.

A periodic reality check, or health check-up, could identify potential vulnerabilities that signal the necessity for early remedial action.

STEP health care is each prudent and economical and returns you to a state of well-being before the requirement for medical or psychotherapy arises. Early detection and designation is thus valuable within the interest of your health.

Regular health exams and tests will help find issues before they begin. They also can help realize problems early, once your chances for treatment and cure are higher. By obtaining the proper health services, screenings, and treatments, you're taking steps that facilitate your probabilities for living a longer, healthier life.

Medical Equipment & Industrial Machinery Calibration

When it involves the quality of medical equipment calibration, it takes the experience of a extremely skilled medical device activity company to achieve the strict medical industry specifications.

We understand that any error with a medical device can lead to misdiagnosis, inaccurate dispense of medications, faulty readings, and a host of other issues that no one can afford to make—particularly when it comes to employee safety.

Medical equipment manufacturers are now organizing activities such as education and training to complement the manufacturing and trading. This activity, extremely well-institutionalized by the pharma industry through its vast network of medical representatives, is now spreading to the medical equipment industry.

Highly-skilled and trained technicians with the experience to calibrate per OEM specifications of a wide vary of medical devices from all leading manufacturers.
Guarantee that every calibration of medical devices is completed to the highest standards using state-of-the-art testing equipment in a controlled environment.

On-site performance testing & calibration of medical equipment. On time medical equipments Peventive Maintenance Service checks Biomedical Equipments inventory Management Quality Assurance check for Radiology & Medical Imaging

Air Pollution Test Inside The Factory

In order to form enhancements in the air quality, the number of pollutants in the air should be measured. The Emissions measurement Center develops standards and evaluates testing ways in order that regulations is developed and enforced .

Workers within factories and warehouses ar exposed to substantial amounts of chemicals and pollutants, creating air quality a crucial safety issue for anyone working within these environments. Air quality has an vast impact on a person’s health, and thus, their ability to figure.

As carbon monoxide is the most prevalent of toxic gases within the warehouse, carbon monoxide poisoning is a significant threat. Organs such as the brain and heart are essentially starved during CO poisoning.

Installing carbon monoxide detectors with automatic sensors, incorporated with ventilating fans that automatically open and close a dock door. Routine carbon monoxide exhaust checks preformed in house with hand held carbon monoxide gas analysers.
Personal electronic detectors with alarms which can be used for every day monitoring. (When buying a monitor pay attention to measurement accuracy, maintenance and calibration procedures).

Lead Content In Blood Test

The lead test is used to see the concentration of lead within the blood at the time the sample was collected. The blood lead test is used to screen for exposure to guide. it should even be ordered to observe the effectiveness of treatment and to verify that lead levels are decreasing over time.

Children and adults who are exposed to guide ought to have their lead levels tested. Lead is especially harmful to children. It will damage their developing brains, leading to issues with their mental development. It can even cause organ damage.

A simple blood test can detect lead poisoning. A small blood sample is taken from a finger prick or from a vein. Lead levels in the blood are measured in micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL).

No special preparations are required for this check. it may facilitate to have your kid wear a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt on the day of the check to make things faster and easier for the technician who are drawing the blood.

In industries whose handling the Soldering the lead part, those employee needs 6months once regular check up, symptoms headache, vomiting senssatation, and blood womit , frequent fever

Industrial Physiotherapists

Industrial physiotherapy|physiatrics|therapy} encompasses a myriad of proof based mostly functional assessments and therapy services which might assist in reducing workplace injury, assessing an employee’s ability to perform workplace functions, assessing worksite activities and assessing an individual’s activity of daily living skills.

moreover, these functional assessments will assist in managing workplace, establishing come back to work/ perform plans and assessing potential employee’s musculo-skeletal bility through pre-employment screenings.

We can provide one-on-one appointments tailored to the individual and work requirements. We can advise on health and safety in the workplace, providing training to assist you in ensuring safety and productivity of your employees.

A ‘Physiotherapist’ is a important part of medical team and thereby provides immense contribution to bring about the overall health of the employee . Physiotherapists are the health care professionals who diagnose and treat individuals of all ages.

Some of the most common issues physiotherapists face are to do with properly conveying exercises to their clients, ensuring they workout correctly after going home and get back accurate and regular pain, mood and compliance feedback. .